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Europe’s Best Extreme Sports Destinations

Europe's Best Extreme Sports DestinationsDo you thrive on getting an adrenaline rush? Is extreme sports your favorite thing in the world? Then Europe may just be the place for you. From skiing in the Alps to caving in Iceland, Europe is a continent with a diverse landscape that is ideal for extreme sports fans.

Enjoy Europe’s Best Extreme Sports Destinations

Whether it’s skiing, cycling or watersports that gets you excited, Europe has it all. Dubbed one of the most fascinating destinations in the world for sports enthusiasts, you will never run out of adrenaline rushing activities here.

The Swiss Alps in Europe promises some of the best snowfall in the country. This makes it the quintessential choice of professional and avid skiers. If skiing doesn’t’ quite make you jump for joy, many holiday makers enjoy hours of snowboarding down these graceful slopes of snow. Other less enthusiastic family members can alternatively take in the scenic views of the towering mountains and dazzling lakes that surround the Swiss Alps.

If snowboarding is not extreme enough for you, then why not showcase your bravery with a little shark diving! Swim your way through the largest collection of Sharks in Europe, in an underwater aquarium consisting of 1.2 million gallons of water.

Ridiculously Outrageous Sports

If swimming with the Sharks doesn’t get your blood rushing, then try your hand at the latest extreme sport called Sphering. All you need to do is put yourself inside an inflatable PVC ball and someone will politely roll you off a cliff! Your journey down the hill can reach preposterous speeds of up to 38 miles/hr.

If you prefer a little more adventure and history in your sporting activities, caving is for you. You will be required to crawl through confined spaces to explore the craters and lava tube caves in Iceland. There’s no telling what you could end up finding in these tunnels. The most probable sights are stalactites, accompanied by magnificent colors and unusual formations.

There really isn’t enough time in the day to explore all that Europe has to offer. If all this activity reaches an overwhelming point, you can always take a break at one of the affordable holiday homes that Europe has to offer.

Picture: akiebler – Fotolia