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Extreme Sports in the USA

Extreme Sports in the USAIf extreme sports, dangerous hobbies, adventurous activities and high adrenaline activities are of interest to you, then the USA has exactly what you want and more. For adrenaline junkies, sports enthusiasts and anyone seeking adventure in high octane challenges and sports, the US offers the very best, most varied and most cutting edge and popular extreme sports that the world has to offer. The variety is endless; from jumping out of planes, to hiking up mountains and everything you can imagine in between, the selection of scary, thrilling and exhilarating activities on offer here is astounding.

High in the Sky

If soaring through heights tickles your fancy then H2 Heliglides in Valdez may be just the ticket. Extreme skiing not for the timid, it involves jumping out of a helicopter with skiis on. Similarly, the Skycoaster located in Orlando, Florida, where you and a friend can freefall directly over water at almost 90mph. Of course, bungee-jumping and paragliding across a multitude of landscapes, seas and mountains is also on offer all over the US which will really get the heart pumping. Skysurfing is another recently developed activity in the adventure sport arena, which involves exactly what it sounds like – surfing through the air.

On the Ground

If you want to keep a little closer to the ground, then zip-lining may suit you more. Alaska Canopy Adventures offers the chance to zip-line down mountains at extremely high speeds. There are also a huge number of extreme sport festivals that regularly take place all over the states. Base-jumping, water sports, endurance sports, motor sports, winter specialities and highly novel sports are all the rage at these events. They are a great way to experience new sports in the area and to see others do what you may be too nervous to attempt.

Image: JohnLad – Fotolia