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Greatest Football Matches of all Time

Greatest Football Matches of all TimeOver the years the ‘beautiful game’ has truly lived up to its name, with some of the greatest sporting spectacles being seen on the football pitch. Trying to judge between some of the greatest football matches of all time is no easy task yet at the same time options are hardly limited.

Comeback kings

One recent and obvious candidate for greatest game of all time has to be the 2005 Champions League final between AC Milan and Liverpool. The match combined tremendous drama, action, emotional ups and downs and eventually a fairytale ending. Coming into the game as overwhelming favourites and domestic league champions, AC Milan fancied themselves to win Europe’s ultimate title against a team in Liverpool who in total honesty were just pleased to be there, having already beaten Juventus and Chelsea in two classic encounters. The game started off pretty much according to script as AC Milan went 3-0 by half time, looking to completely embarrass and outclass Liverpool. However, what followed was quite simply the stuff of dreams, as a heroic Liverpool comeback led by skipper Steven Gerrard brought them incredibly back to all-level at 3-3. A nervy extra time ensued and when the stalemate resulted in penalties, there was only ever going to be one winner as Liverpool capped off an awe-inspiring comeback by winning the shoot-out and being crowned champions of Europe for the 5th time in the club’s history.

Last gasp title drama

Domestically, one of the best football matches that will never be forgotten was Manchester City’s last second win against QPR on the last day of the season, snatching the title away from their bitter rivals Manchester United. United, having won their game on the road, looked to have clinched the title as City couldn’t get the win they need. 1-0 needing all three points, City scored two incredible goals in just as many minutes, Sergio Aguero’s legendary strike quite literally snatching the title from United’s hands and sending the City fans into complete euphoria. You literally couldn’t make it up, an ending that will live long on in the memory.

Image by Franck Boston – Fotolia