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The greatest formula one drivers of all time

The greatest formula one drivers of all timeTrying to establish who is the greatest ever Formula One driver is no easy task. The long line of iconic drivers over the years makes the task that much harder as there are well and truly and number of candidates who can lay claim to the title of being the greatest of all time.

The Case for Schumi

If you approach the argument in purely statistical terms then there can only been one answer to the question. Michael Schumacher’s long list of achievements, which includes 91 race wins and a truly astonishing 7 world championships puts him at the forefront of any debate about the all-time greats. Schumacher’s will to win was a characteristic that often got him into a lot of trouble with over drivers, and led to accusations of stretching the rules, but what is certain is that it was this competitive spirit that helped him sustain such dominance over the sports for the 10 or so years that he graced it with his presence.

Beco’s stake for the greatest

Besides Schumacher, another great that is often considered the be the very best F1 driver of all time is the truly legendary and late Ayrton Senna, the magician of the wheel. Senna’s career was tragically cut short by a crash at the San Marino Grand Prix in 1994, leaving many to question just what he would have been able to achieve had this not happened. However, for the time that he did grace the track with his wonderful combination and guts, spirit, technical ability and sheer genius, Senna’s achievements do all the talking, with 3 world titles, 41 wins and countless other podium finishes. When trying to decide who really was the best formula one driver of all time, one would probably be right in pinpointing the Brazilian genius and all round inspiration – Ayrton Senna.

IMG from: Tan Kian Khoon – Fotolia