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The Most Iconic Internet Marketing Campaigns

The Most Iconic Internet Marketing CampaignsInternet marketing is a discipline that every company is involved in, whether they realise it or not. Every time your company is discussed online or you post to Facebook, LinkedIn or other social networking, internet marketing is involved. Companies aim for positive feedback but sometimes the opposite effect is introduced by negative feedback from clients, poorly chosen wording or simply inappropriate posts that alienate a portion of your target audience.

Successful Marketing

Marketing in any form is said to be successful when a wider audience becomes aware of your products or services and internet marketing campaigns are no different. In recent years, the most successful campaigns have all related to online video marketing through sites such as YouTube. Some of these have gone viral, being forwarded to millions of users by e-mail or through social networking sites. Once a digital campaign goes viral, no other internet marketing campaigns can equal the market penetration produced.

Viral Favourites

Everyone remembers viewing the John West video with the fighting bear. You probably received it by email or perhaps you were one of the 60 million plus who viewed it online. The advert worked on the principle that John West, as a company, are prepared to go to any lengths to obtain the best salmon, even fighting a bear. The video was genuinely funny and sales of John West products soared as a result – a perfect example of effective marketing. Similar effects were achieved by Bridgestone when they showing their ad, portraying a dog who wished to commit suicide (due to an unfaithful girlfriend) by diving onto a busy motorway. He is saved at the last second because the oncoming car was able to stop in time, showing a close-up of a Bridgestone tyre. In other words, Bridgestone tyres grip the road very well. Again, sales soared for the company. There are many other examples, but most of them will tell a story and introduce the produce at the very end. As long as it is clever, the public will love it.

The most recent evidence of the success of internet marketing has to be the Obama presidential campaign as it made him the most popular US president in history. He interacted with voters in a way never before seen in US politics and utilised a method sure to be imitated by future candidates.

Picture: Thomas Pajot – Fotolia