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The Importance of Warming Up before Sports

Warming up properly before exercise is one of the most important things you can do for your body in the long term. Your body will be continually rewarded throughout your life if you simply maintain a warm up and cool down system before and after you work out. Mild aerobic activity before exercise is an essential ingredient of your work out and your body will inevitably suffer long-term damage if you fail to do so. Warming up before training not only guarantees an easier and more balanced work out but also ensures you won’t suffer muscle stiffness in the days afterwards.

The dangers of skipping your warm up

If you don’t adequately prepare before you exercise your muscles will subsequently be unprepared for the punishment they receive during your routine. Every twinge or muscle spasm that you experience could be a direct result of a poor pre-workout routine. Muscle spasms are a minor side-effect. More serious consequences from a failure to warm up vary from sprained muscles and torn ligaments to fainting and heart attacks. Even the most experienced of athletes take the time to get their heart rate moving and their blood pumping.

Warming up means toning up

For those of you who have little experience working out it is even more vital that you take the time to loosen up. Even walking to your gym instead of driving can completely change your training session. Once your blood is pumping and your heart rate has accelerated you will get much more out of your work out. You will feel the difference immediately. Your oxygen intake will increase causing your blood flow to accelerate, meaning your performance will immediately be improved. Your muscles and your body will then be better prepared to absorb the full impact of your work out. This encourages your warmed muscles to adapt quickly to your fitness regime and helps you become more limber and toned afterwards.

For any exercise routine, patience is vital and this means taking the time to warm up and stretch before exercising. If you are unenthusiastic about spending time warming up be assured that it is a vital part of your exercise regime and it will be more advantages to your body in the long term. Even the most minor injury can result from skipping a warm up which can often mean skipping many more important work outs in the future.

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