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How to make Sure your Child is Safe on the Internet

How to make Sure your Child is Safe on the InternetUnaware of the many possible dangers that lurk online, children seek knowledge and fun in the enticing world of Internet. Unfortunately, their naive and tender minds are easily vulnerable to websites with inappropriate content and also to online stalkers, cyber bullies and sexual predators. So while you give your child access to the Internet, taking caring of your child safety is of utmost important. If you follow a few online child safety measures, you can ensure a safe Internet experience for your kids.

Take advantage of online safety tools

As a child safety measure, this is one the foremost steps you should take before you give complete freedom to your children to surf the net. There are many effective online protection tools that can keep your kids away from sites which you don’t want them to see. Apart from denying access to explicit content materials, blocking websites that promote violence, racism. Drugs and gambling are very essential to prevent your child accidentally encountering those nasty and addictive sites.

Talk to them about the potential dangers of their online activities

Tell your children about the risks of chatting or making friends with anonymous persons online. Encourage them to stay connected only with friends or people whom they know in person. However, don’t be very strict about it because they may start hiding things away from you. So be friendly and ask your children to let you know, in case, if they get connected with any unknown persons online. Also, tell your kids not to share or upload any sensitive materials and personal information like bank accounts, home address or scantily dressed pictures and so on.

Get to know their passwords and online activities

E-mails, social networking sites and chat rooms can be very exciting for your kids to stay connected with their friends. However, those are the places where online predators, pedophiles and cyber bullies lurk around to stalk your kids. So knowing the passwords and gaining access to their accounts is necessary to ensure child safety. Also, keep the computer in a room where there is more traffic so that you can easily monitor your kids’ online activities, and most importantly spend time with your kids to teach them the appropriate online behaviour.

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