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Packing for Extreme Sport Holidays

Packing for Extreme Sport HolidaysThere can be nothing more exhilarating than parachuting down a cliff or climbing to the top of a peak and looking down below. However, there can be nothing more spirit-dampening than getting there, only to realise that you have come without an essential piece of equipment. Hence one of the most important things to do during the run-up of holidays for extreme sports is to pack meticulously.

The Right Gear

What the correct gear is depends on which extreme sport you are opting for. Ice axes, crampons and ice screws would be necessary for ice climbing, and wings, harnesses and parachutes are required for paragliding. These in turn are varied according to terrain, altitude and experience. So the first thing to do is to contact your guide or the company that is organising the holiday and get a full list of required equipment. You might then either buy or rent these. Many people buy cheaper, old equipment to practice on, but experts say this can be extremely dangerous considering that you are attempting extreme sports because there is generally some wear and tear with use. Protective gear like helmets and pads are to be tested for fit, and boots must be broken into beforehand for optimum comfort.

The Important Little Things

Packing light is of utmost necessity and packing the equipment in the correct rucksack makes bearing the weight easier. A waterproof rucksack with internal frame is best for mountain climbing, but again, the kind and size depends on your choice of sport. Lightweight clothing and fleece jackets should be carried for high-altitude sports and a waterproof coat is a must. Another absolute essential is a well-equipped first aid kit that should include medicines for that unforeseen dizziness spell. Insect repellents, spare sandals and torches are other things to pack. You will probably carry a camera to capture your thrill on film, so extra batteries must be taken to prevent disappointment. For long-duration sports like ice or mountain climbing, one needs to drink extra water, so water-purification tablets are sworn by those looking to cut costs. With packing out of the way, the only other things you need are excitement and motivation to enjoy your extreme sport holiday.

IMG: Daniel Etzold – Fotolia