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The Rise of female sports

The Rise of female sportsThe London 2012 Olympic Games completely smashed any lingering doubts on the quality of women’s sport. Ladies from all around the world gathered together and proved that women’s sports are just as tough, disciplined, engaging, exciting, and entertaining to watch and compete in as the men’s. However, whilst the 2012 Olympics enthralled and inspired the public across the generations, sports such as women’s football have been on the rise for a number of years now. Female participation in sporting activities has never been higher. Indeed, any woman thinking of getting into a sport now has a far wider choice to choose from than the females of thirty years ago.

Women’s Sport

Women’s football is currently by far the most widely participated in sport for females within the UK. Over 1.3 million women are regularly involved in the game, and the number of live women’s football matches being broadcast on TV is rapidly increasing. High profile names such as Kelly Smith and Rachel Yankey are helping to inspire younger generations of girls to get into the sport. In 2011 the sixth ever women’s world cup was held and England reached the quarter finals. Another traditional UK sport which is attracting an increasing number of female participants is cricket. England is currently ranked as the number one team in the world, but is closely followed by Australia.

Olympic Legacy

The fact that it was a women’s football match which opened the London 2012 Olympics is a testament as to how far women’s sport has progressed over recent years. Thousands of people cheered on sportswomen from all over the world. Athletes such as gold medal heptathlete Jessica Ennis inspired a generation of young girls by winning medals in their chosen sports. Female boxing appeared as an Olympic event for the first time, and Great Britain’s Nicola Adams won gold in the 51kg category. Victoria Pendleton cemented her place as one of the best track cyclists ever, whereas Laura Trott made a storming start to her Olympics cycling career by winning two gold medals. With so many female athletes becoming household names, more women will hopefully get into sport.

Picture: Michaela Rofeld – Fotolia