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Sport Holidays in the Algarve

The Algarve is by far the most renowned tourist region in Portugal and this is due to its fantastic beaches, vibrant culture, and spectacular array of attractions. Many holidays in the Algarve are centred around the proud history of wine making, with wine tours being especially popular here, and although some people may consider wine tasting to be a sport, real sports enthusiasts will be glad to know that there are a whole range of other great sporting activities to get involved with.


Golf holidays in the Algarve are among the best in the world, with some top grade courses and excellent facilities for you to take advantage of. The Algarve comes highly regarded by professional golfers and the region has a number of courses used in top competitions, having been designed by some of the best course architects in the business. Conditions for a round of golf are usually perfect, with the sun shining, well-manicured fairways, and some spectacular scenery to go with it, and of course when you have finished playing you can head to the beach to cool off. Vale de Lobo, Vilamoura, and Quinto do Lago are three of the highest regarded courses in the region, and you will definitely be impressed when you t-off here.

Water Sports

With one of the most dramatic coastlines in Europe, currents drawing in from the Atlantic, and some gorgeous summer weather, water sports holidays in the Algarve do not come much more exciting this. From sailing, open water canoeing, and surfing, to wakeboarding, snorkelling and diving, there will be plenty of activities available to keep you entertained. For complete newcomers to diving, there are dive schools available in just about every main town and city along the coast, and equipment hire and lessons remain relatively inexpensive. Thrill seekers will be glad to know that there is a large community of people in the Algarve who provide wakeboarding, kite boarding and surfing. The main beaches are served with lifeguards throughout the summer season, and the waters are considered to be very safe as long as you stay within the marked out boundaries.

Picture: Marco Weidlich