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Sporting Holidays in South Africa

Sporting Holidays in South AfricaSouth Africa is a fantastic destination for a sporting holiday. The country offers a combination of passionate supporters and great sporting facilities. Rugby and cricket are the most popular sports, though other games like golf and football are very well represented. The country’s love of football reached fever pitch during the 2010 FIFA World Cup. South Africa is an ideal destination to combine playing and watching a number of different sports. It also has the added bonus of being an increasingly popular tourist destination, as well as having no language barrier or jet lag to worry about.

The Big Two – Rugby and Cricket

Rugby and cricket are undoubtedly the most popular sports in South Africa and are the reason that many people travel here. There are a number of great stadiums to go and watch the games. For players and teams, tours to the country often include playing barefoot against a township side. It is worth going for the beautiful setting and state-of-the-art facilities that are provided. It is also an option to go and coach some local teams which can be a very rewarding experience. Cricket also has an enormous following and there are many options for those who want to play or watch this traditional sport.

Other Sports and Activities

Football is still a rapidly growing sport in South Africa and the country is still revelling in the aftermath of the World Cup. It can be very rewarding to go and coach or play against teams from underdeveloped areas where the sport provides entertainment and new opportunities. Individual sports like golf and tennis are also popular in South Africa and can be played all year round. Sporting holidays in South Africa are also popular since the country has become celebrated as a tourist destination in recent years. It is possible to take time out from sports to enjoy the fantastic scenery or taking part in thrills like bungee jumping or shark-diving. South Africa is an unrivalled destination when it comes to going on a sporting holiday.

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