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Sports Holidays in the USA

Sports Holidays in the USAThe USA is one of the most prolific sporting nations in the world. Americans take their sports extremely seriously, and they often associate success in the sporting arena with intense patriotism. They take this intense relationship with their sports for granted, but it can be very exciting for foreigners visiting the USA. Many of the greatest sporting occasions on earth take place in America, and they are often on a much grander scale than those in Europe. There are now some fantastic travel deals that include tickets and travel. Visitors to the USA can also take advantage of some fantastic deals if they decide to book accommodation online. Although there are dozens of great sporting occasions to choose from, these three simply cannot be missed.

The Super Bowl

The Super Bowl determines the world champions of American Football, and it is contested between the champions of the American Football Conference and the National Football Conference. This incredible occasion has now transcended sport in America. Referred to as ‘Super Bowl Sunday’, the event is treated like a national holiday. Families arrange parties, and friends gather together to watch eight hours of comprehensive TV coverage. Although this event only began in 1970, it has become the singe-most profitable piece of television in the world. The ability to book accommodation online will allow foreigners to experience this special occasion in the football-mad neighbourhoods of America.

The World Series

Major League Baseball is quintessential American sport, and the World Series is the professional pinnacle of the game. The series is contested between the winners of the National and American leagues, and it takes place over seven matches; the first team to reach four wins becomes World Champions. The series takes place in October, and it is sometimes referred to as the ‘Fall Classic’. Tickets are generally easier to come-by than those for the Superbowl, so witnessing this spectacle in person may be a more realistic proposition than the Super Bowl.

The NBA Finals

Basketball has a massive following in the USA, and it is not unusual to see politicians and movie-stars at court-side. The NBA Finals is contested by the winners of the Eastern Conference and the Western Conference, and it takes place over a seven-match series. The winner is the first team to win four matches.

Although these sporting occasions are fantastic on the TV, there is nothing to compare with the thrill and excitement of actually being there.

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