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Sports Teams’ Most Famous Fans

Sports Teams' Most Famous FansThey may seem to inhabit a completely different world to the general public, but celebrities share the same sporting vices as you and I. From football to basketball, if there is a big game going on, you can be sure that there will be a celebrity in attendance. Although it is sometimes true that many stars in the crowd don’t have the first idea what is going on, but there are a few out there who can call themselves real fans. Some of them might surprise you.

Hollywood’s Finest

The biggest name celebrity supporter is Jack Nicholson. The Oscar winning actor has long been a devoted fan of the Los Angeles Lakers basketball team and rarely misses a game. Nicholson’s love for the Lakers spans more than 40 years and he is a current season ticket holder, so it would be fair to say that his attendance is not just a publicity stunt.

Staying in Hollywood, baseball fan Matt Damon loves nothing more than to spend his free time watching the Boston Red Sox and has donned his team’s colours live on David Letterman’s talk show. Wherever he is around the world, you can be sure that the star of the Bourne trilogy will be wide awake in the early hours following his favourite sports team.

One star who may have slipped under the radar is Jessica Alba. Despite a rather empty trophy cabinet, the NBA’s Golden State Warriors can count the actress as a fan.

The Beautiful Game

When it comes to the beautiful game of football, celebrity fans are never hard to come by. The Oasis brothers, Liam and Noel Gallagher were both hardened Manchester City fans years before the influx of money from the Middle East and Robbie Williams is a shareholder at his club, Port Vale.

These boys weren’t the first musicians to tie their footballing colours to the mast though. Starting in 1976, Elton John had two spells as owner/chairman of Watford FC, overseeing the most successful period in the clubs history. It’s not just in the UK that the great and the good are avid football fans either. Spanish tennis sensation Rafael Nadal has long been a fervent supporter of Real Madrid.

So, they may not always pay to see their favourite teams but not all celebrities go to the game just for the corporate package. Some of them are just as passionate about their favourite sports team as they were before they found fame.

Picture: Sergej Khackimullin – Fotolia