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What Your Taste in Coffee Beans Says About You

Coffee is the drink of choice for millions around the world, and it is such a vital part of some people’s morning routine that they simply could not tackle the day without grinding some coffee beans. But aside from providing your needed early morning boost, what does your taste in coffee say about you? Rather than being a simple choice, your taste in coffee can reveal much more about your individual personality than you expected. Every cup of coffee has its own character and attitude, and these traits can often reflect elements of the drinker’s personality.

Does your taste in coffee reflect your personality?

Has any drink inspired more encounters and first dates than the humble cup of coffee? If your choice of coffee reflects your personality, you risk communicating more than you bargained for. Take a simple mocha as an example, often seen as the gateway coffee beverage for the uninitiated. The mocha drinker may not like the sharp taste of black coffee without the smooth chocolate flavour, so is all about treating themselves to a little luxury. On the other hand black coffee drinkers are no-nonsense, and just enjoy life’s simple pleasures like the smell of freshly ground coffee beans. The black coffee drinker is all about minimalism and tradition, and isn’t interested in fancy affectations. The latte is an unsophisticated coffee that doesn’t draw attention to itself. Likewise the latte drinker is simple, clean and wholesome, just like the drink itself.

A coffee for ever personality type

The cappuccino is a light and frothy drink, while cappuccino drinkers are often idealists and dreamers who are in touch with their sensitive side. Iced coffees have grown in popularity in recent years, putting a new spin on the traditional beverage. If you have a taste for iced coffees and frappucinos, you might be a trendsetter that embraces change and likes to try new things. Those who like to be control and are health conscious may gravitate towards decaf coffee with soy milk. With so many personality types in the world it’s only fitting that we should have so much choice when we approach the counter.

Image: Lavazza.com