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Water sports in the Lake District

Water sports in the Lake DistrictThe Lake District of UK is well known for its picturesque lakes and landscape that stirred the poetic genius of Wordsworth and the Lake poets. However, with its innumerable rivers and lakes there are a lot of water sports to be enjoyed, so the district attracts the adventurous and the daring too.

Group Activities

The Lake District is particularly pleasant when visited with family and friends, and there are several water sports that can be enjoyed as a group. Kayaks and canoes can be hired for as less as a few hours, and it is a lot of fun maneuvering them. There are many lake islands that are ideal picnic spots for families, and one can make a day out of it by rowing there and back. Of course, tutorials are offered to those who are not adept at rowing, and there are options to have a guide accompany you. There are many water sports companies to choose from, each with lucrative offers and deals. One company even has a replica of a real Viking boat that takes 10 passengers on board and a ride is bound to be a thrill for children. Dragon boat racing is another exciting option that tests your ability, as a group, to row in synchrony.

Solo Sports

Those looking for some time alone to indulge in thrilling water activities will also have their needs catered to at the Lake District. Hire a sailboat and spend the day exploring the lakes. Waterskiing or windsurfing at Lake Windermere is challenging and enjoyable at the same time. There are instructors present to teach you the techniques and look out for you once you are in the water, so even beginners need not be worried. Those who are ever ready for a dip can participate in open water swimming. Wetsuits and swimming gear can be hired or purchased at one of the many shops there. Those with nerves of steel can try gorge walking or ghyll scrambling, which involves scrambling up mountain streams and even the occasional waterfall! One must try out at least one of the many water sports in order to commune and enjoy the beauty of the Lake District to a fuller extent.

Image: Lichtmaler – Fotolia