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How to Avoid Holiday Scams

How to Avoid Holiday ScamsIt seems that more and more people are being taken in by the kind of holiday scams which result in them losing deposits, or being defrauded on the cost of tickets. There are some steps which can be taken to avoid becoming entangled in a fraudulent scheme, and often being alert can make all the difference.

How Do You Protect Yourself When Booking a Holiday?

One of the ways in which holidaymakers are tricked is fake plane ticket websites, where people believe they are going to receive flight tickets at far less than the normal price. According to the National Fraud Intelligence Bureau, men are more likely to be caught out by this type of scam than women, so it’s well worth checking companies out before parting with any money. The Association of British Travel Agents (ABTA) or Air Travel Organisers Licensing (Atol)are both reputable trade associations which most legitimate agents and brokers will be members of, you can check this quite easily. There are a number of steps you can take to protect yourself as well as possible such as simply asking question. Do you know anyone who has booked with them? Can you Google them? Do they have addresses which exist, or phone numbers which you can check? These are all simple tasks which can make a real difference.

More Holiday Scams to Be Aware Of

Another field where those who run holiday scams excel in is the accommodation market. Holidaymakers pay for a villa or apartment, but upon arrival at their destination they that find that the property doesn’t exist, or has been booked already by a legitimate company. One of the main reasons that ABTA cite as responsible for a rise in this type of scam is the trend for renting directly from the owners of the property. If you wish to rent a property directly from an owner, do so through one of the many reputable companies which act as mediums for this type of rental. Unfortunately holiday scams, including event packages where you’re reeled in by the inclusion of hard to get tickets, scams for cheap visas, and more are on the rise. Be vigilant and try to always book via a properly accredited and recognised company.


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