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Backpacking Holidays: A Social Way to Travel

Backpacking Holidays: A Social Way to TravelBackpacking holidays can be one of the most sociable ways to travel. From embarking on a gap year with friends, to taking a sabbatical alone, a backpacking trip is a good way to meet like-minded souls along the way. In order to make the most of your voyage, there are a few things you can do when renting a room to guarantee you make a bevy of new mates…

Renting a room

If your intention is to broaden your horizons and meet a variety of people then staying in a shared dormitory is a must. Move out of your comfort zone and rent a room with other people. While staying in a dormitory may seem scary at first, there is no better way to cement new friendships than through sleeping in bunk beds and having a giggle. By sharing a communal space like this you instantly make yourself more approachable and are more likely to go out to eat and participate in other activities with different groups from the hostel.

Couch surfing

A different option, if you don’t want to rent a room, is couch surfing! Many backpackers enjoy this way of travelling as it can be a good way of networking and making new contacts. It involves signing up to certain websites in order to find people who have a free sofa for you to sleep on and is usually completely free!

Longer-term accommodation

Another popular alternative among backpackers is to rent a room in a private flat or house. It’s the least expensive and best choice for long-term stays and means that you meet not only other backpackers but also local residents, who can show you a different side to your destination. In most cities you will find adverts to rent a room on local pin boards and newspapers, but bear in mind you will often need to commit to a minimum term, usually of around 3 months.

While meeting new people is mostly a rich and rewarding experience, always remember to stay safe and keep your friends and family back home informed of wherever you are staying.

Picture: Kzenon – Fotolia