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The Best Gadgets for Travellers

The Best Gadgets for TravellersFrequent travellers know what a difference having the right equipment can make for the success of your trip. There are all types of gadgets for travelling on the market – here is a list of some of our favourites this season.

Universal Plug Adapter

We all carry numerous electronic gadgets for travelling. A plug adapter will make sure that you can charge all your devices! There are many on the market, but we like a universal adapter with various plug formations for several destinations. A USB charge extension is also a useful tool! There are some great models that can charge multiple devices at once.

Back up Battery

As mentioned above, power for devices is key when travelling! It helps to carry a fully charged back up battery in case your device loses power before you can plug it in, or so you can charge it on the go. Choose a model that is compact and carries enough power to fully recharge your device.

Bluetooth Speakers

Turn your hotel room into an instant party zone or put on some relaxing music after a long flight. Bluetooth speakers let you play music from your computer or mobile device and make watching TV or movies much more enjoyable.

Great Earphones

Not only will great earphones make your in-flight movie watching experience more enjoyable, but if you indulge in a pair with noise cancelling technology, you might even be able to catch some sleep enroute. Make sure to pack an adapter for those pesky double plug airplane jacks!

Travel Alarm Clock or App

Make sure you don’t miss your next flight or those museum hours by packing your own travel alarm clock. If you would rather not lose the space in your suitcase, download an alarm app to your phone. If you choose the app route, it is nice to purchase a phone dock so you can stand your clock up on your nightstand (and easily reach the snooze button!)

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