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French Wine Tours

French Wine ToursFrance boasts some of the best wines in the world, including champagne, and it’s possible to visit many of the châteaux and vineyards they originate from. A French wines tour is a great way to sample the national drink of France while learning a little about its origins and the history and culture of France as a whole. Let’s not forget some of the most beautiful and memorable scenery in the world, a great way to experience France.

Great Wine Tours in France

There are all kinds of holidays available for the wine lover, whether you choose to go it alone or go as part of a guided group. Group tours are available to all the main wine regions such as Bordeaux and Burgundy. Burgundy is one of the largest wine producing regions, and holidays are often centred around two of its main towns Dijon and Lyon, which act as starting and finishing points for the most popular wine route tours, such as those taking in the Maconnais region and the many famous vineyards around Macon, or perhaps the Grand Cru’s of Burgundy with lots of great vineyards and tours to choose from, or a visit to Chateau Chinon with its impressive historical buildings and grand vineyards. Bordeaux is one of the most well-known of all the wine areas of France and Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot are among the most famed of its wines. With great gravelly soil and chalky limestone deposits giving the area its unique wine character, there are numerous grand Chateaux for the discerning wine lover to visit. Visit the stunning village of St. Emilion, one of the most beautiful in France or the fortified Chateau Cadillac. With Pomerol, Medoc, Margaux, Graves and Sauternes just a few of the well-known wines, this region really is a must for any wine loving tourist.

Famous Wines and Vineyards

The one French wine that almost everyone can name is of course Champagne. Only about an hour’s drive from Paris, the Champagne region is centered around the towns of Riems and Epernay. It’s the chalk soil that gives the champagne grapes their start in life, and although the famous names are all here, be sure to visit some of the smaller villages and vineyards in the region. Stand in a champagne cellar carved out of the rock deep underground and sample some of the most stunning wines in the world.

French wine regions are as different to each other as can be imagined, so whatever your personal preferences and tastes, you can be certain that one if right for you.

Picture: Margit Power – Fotolia