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Hiking tours in Northern Italy

Hiking tours in Northern ItalyHiking is a fantastic way to get to know northern Italy, and the area is renowned for its delicious cuisine and espresso Italiano. Discover the real Italy in towns and villages where local food is freshly made in small bars and cafes and take in some of the most beautiful scenery in Europe.

Favourite Hiking areas of Northern Italy

The region of Italy from Venice to the Dolomites is a favourite with hikers, and picturesque villages, historical sights and stunning countryside around Lake Garda are just part of its charm. Lake Garda is Italy’s biggest lake and the views from the hiking trails that surround it are spectacular. Bolzano is the capital of the South Tyrol region of northern Italy and is a great place to start. Before you set off be sure to visit the museum to see the remains of ‘Otzi’ the iceman and stop off in a cafe for an espresso Italiano. The hills above the pretty village of Fie alla Sciliar offer sensational views, while Cortina d’Ampezzo is the perfect place to authentic local cuisine. Take a ride on the cable car in this world famous ski resort and enjoy an espresso Italiano at the top of one of the pistes. See marmosets and eagles in the Puez-Odle Natural Park and learn about the customs and culture of local Ladin people in San Cassiano.

A Walk In Lake Garda (short 1) from Roberto Mettifogo on Vimeo.

The Alpine Lakes

The Italian lake district encompasses the region surrounding Lake Como, Lake Lugano and Lake Maggiore and is one of the most thrilling areas for hikers. Near Varese you can hike to the summit of the Campo dei Fiori national park to enjoy spectacular views over Mount Rosa and the Alps. The three valleys of Valcuvia, Valganna and Valmarchirolo are perfect for hiking and the rolling hills surround Lake Maggiore and Lake Lugano as well as smaller lakes such as Lake Brinzio, Lake Ganna and Lake Ghirla. You can visit the Alfredo Binda cycling museum on this route, or see the Villa Della Porta Bozzolo at Casalzuigno or the Abbey at Ganna. With dozens of routes to choose from, you’ll be spoiled for choice when you decide to hike in northern Italy and you’ll find plenty of delightful places to enjoy an espresso Italiano en route.

Image: Heiner Seidl – Fotolia