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Holidays in Tokyo

Holidays in TokyoWhether you are in Tokyo for two weeks or two years; you will never be at a loss for unforgettable experiences and chances for unique memories to be made. A holiday in Tokyo can give you a glimpse into everything from the serenity of traditional Japanese culture, to the modern technological superpower that has taken the world by storm.


Tokyo offers some of the most spectacular sights in Asia. From the world’s tallest tower, the Tokyo Skytree, to the ancient temples and shrines scattered across the city, there is surely something for everyone. No trip to Tokyo would be complete with a visit to the cultural playground that is Harajuku. Overflowing with teens dressed in an impressive array of costumes and outfits, Harajuku has become a hub for emerging fashion and style. The Meiji shrine sits just a five minute walk away from the high street, and plays host to an assortment of events ranging from fireworks displays to New Year’s celebrations.
What’s more, Asakusa in northern Tokyo is home to some of the oldest temples in the city. Encircled by stores and restaurants, selling everything from kimonos to candy, this tourist favourite is sure to offer a slice of traditional Japanese culture for the curious traveller.


If it’s a bit of retail therapy that you’re looking for, spots like Shinjuku, Shibuya and Ginza have an abundance of department, brand name and independent stores to cater to your shopping desires. With good quality merchandise and a wide variety to choose from, for many shopping in Japan is unrivalled.
Located in north-eastern Tokyo, Akihabara, often referred to as the electric town, is one of the biggest electronic capitals of the world. This is a video game lover’s heaven, with store after store devoted to the most modern games devices, comic books, and electronic goods galore. Complete with themed cafés and manga coffee-shops, this fast-paced region of Tokyo should not be overlooked.


There are few places where the marriage of old and new is as apparent as it is in Tokyo. This juxtaposition gives the city an aura that cannot be felt anywhere else in the world, and one could spend a lifetime exploring every secret this city has to offer. The examples here are but a few of the delights that a holiday on Tokyo has to offer. From samurai to Sony, whatever catches your interest; Tokyo will surely have something for you.

Picture: Achim Baqué – Fotolia