A Modern Traveller’s Guide to Backpacking in Europe

A Modern Traveller's Guide to Backpacking in EuropeThe whole point of backpacking is that it should be cost effective. However, no matter how small your budget is; backpackers can still enjoy a good journey filled with fun and lots of adventure.

Backpacking on a Budget

Being a modern backpacker, your most valuable asset is of course your money, so you need to carefully budget and make sure that you have enough to last the entire trip. Everything from budget accommodation to budget meals and entertainment should be taken into consideration. Cities like Bucharest in Romania is not your most sought after backpacker destination, however, those who journey to this city will find themselves pleasantly surprised by their low prices. There are plenty of hostels in this city, so flat sharing would be a great way to save even more money!

Krakow in Poland remains a sought after location for countless number of backpackers due to their low prices. Everything from food to accommodation is priced low enough to put a smile on your dial. Add this city onto your list of “must visit” destinations.

Budapest is perhaps one of the most notorious tourist attractions in Europe today. The fundamental reason for its popularity is of course because of the many distinguished cathedrals and castles. Although places near the magnificent river are not extremely budget friendly, cheaper accommodation and meals can be found further away from the river.

Backpacking to Beach Resorts

Croatia is the number one tourist destination for beach lovers. The city of Zagreb, not too far away, is a worthwhile attraction as it remains cheap, especially when compared to its neighboring city, Italy. Beautiful sites and economical prices await those backpackers that have made their journey to this dazzling place.

Istanbul in Turkey is your typical East meets West destination. There’s no lack of tourist attractions here with a number of temples, markets and other exceptional attractions. As a Backpacker on a budget, you will have to dig a little deeper to find the bargain priced hotels and hostels; alternatively, flat sharing is a pleasant and cost effective alternative that will save you money and give you peace of mind.

Picture: Aleksandar Kosev – Fotolia