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New Trends in Modern Travelling

The internet has changed the way we travelThe travel industry has changed quite a bit in the past decade, as more travellers turn to the Internet for the latest news and travel deals. This has led to some distinct new trends to watch out for, including the increased use of social networking to find bargains and accommodations.

Social Accommodation Options

Gone are the days when travellers arriving in a new city could only choose between a limited number of hotels, guest houses, and the occasional hostel. Travel accommodations are increasingly democratic these days, with flat sharing and couch surfing being two of the hottest trends. Many urban dwellers are renting out space in their flats using flat rental websites. Travellers can either choose to rent out a private room, or they may rent an entire flat for added privacy. Couch surfing is similar, except in this scenario the host allows the guest to stay free of charge. Flat sharing and couch surfing are becoming quite popular with younger travellers who want the comforts of home without the high cost. They allow travellers to become part of a larger travel network, particularly in the case of couch surfing. Most couch surfers not only act as guests, but host other travellers in their own cities as well.

Increased Online Booking Options

In addition to flat sharing and couch surfing, another major trend in travelling is the use of online booking. Most people don’t go to a travel agent when planning their journey, but instead use search engines and reservation websites to book their accommodations, tours, and flights. Booking online often involves lower fees, and puts control directly in the hands of the traveller.

More Adventurous Travel

With more travellers turning to the Internet for travel tips and social networking, they are also feeling more comfortable travelling off the beaten path. Today’s travellers are savvy when it comes to finding a great deal, and are interested in learning more about the world around them rather than simply experiencing a pre-packaged tour. This has made modern itineraries more adventurous for travellers of all ages.

Picture: D.aniel – Fotolia