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How to Overcome a Fear of Flying

How to Overcome a Fear of FlyingTravelling by air may be extremely disturbing for people who have the fear of flying. Aerophobia manifests itself differently in different people. To some, the phobia makes them feel uncomfortable about flying, though they are still able to endure the experience, while others go into a total panic mode thus making flying unbearable. The fear of flying produces both psychological and emotional effects, which are characterised by anxiety, excessive perspiration, very fast pulse rate, and even hyperventilation in some. However, the great news is that you can overcome your fear of flying.

What causes aerophobia?

In as much as it may be hard for most people to pinpoint the real cause of their fear of flying, it is always important to flash back and identify an incident that may have sparked the fear. More often than not, the fear of flying is irrational and may be your personal imagination or heightened concern for personal safety that is exaggerated. Aerophobia may be attributable to the fear of letting someone be in control of a situation. While on the other hand, people who are claustrophobic easily manifests symptoms closely related to aerophobia when flying.

How to overcome aerophobia

Indeed you can overcome your fears. Probably the first and the simplest thing to do is exercise personal relaxation techniques before boarding your flight. Firstly, you simply need to take deep breaths as well as calm yourself several days before your day of flight. Secondly, learning how to control your thoughts will also go a long way in clearing your mind from the terrifying thoughts. Thirdly, visualise yourself in the plane and try as much as possible to make yourself comfortable with the situation. Fourthly, constructive distraction can be a good way to preoccupy yourself during the flight. Perhaps a good way would be through listening to music, reading exciting books or magazines. Sleeping can also be a perfect way to ease tension. Fifthly, try as much as possible to acquaint yourself with the sights and sounds of flying. Lastly, hypnotherapy can also be a good remedy, especially for people with irrational fears.

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