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Packing Tips for Those Who Like to Travel Light

World TourFrequent travellers do complain about having to carry quite a bit of luggage with them wherever they go until they wise up about it. Learning how to travel light is an art form. Being able to take along all your necessities without using up huge bags and suitcases is not an easy task. Longer trips supposedly need a lot more luggage: that is a myth! Packing the right way means a lighter load even on trips that are longer than a week. The trick you have to learn is economy.

Carrying A Light Carry-on

When travelling in airplanes, keeping to the weight limit is what people usually follow, but even that is too much. The best carry-on you can use is a backpack as it leaves your hands free to hold the rest of your luggage and/or children. Backpacks are also smaller than suitcases, meaning you will have to pack lesser items.

When packing, limit the number of clothes you take. Simply take a pair of trousers (bottoms) and two tops. Choose dark/neutral colours that will go with anything and not show stains. Have all your travel documents on top where they are easily accessible. Take 2 sets of undergarments, a book for the journey, your camera and phone chargers, some basic toiletry items and a notebook and pen – that is all!

Packing Main Luggage

The most helpful tip to follow when packing luggage is to first make a list of everything you think you need to take. Count the number of days of the journey and have that many underwear sets and tops, but only one pair of bottoms per two days. If washing facilities will be available, lessen the clothes as you can wash and repeat them. Place all your listed items in a heap and then start eliminating extra items or stuff that you might need. Pack clothing and equipment/gear according to your destination weather and activities only. Leave behind things you can buy over there.

The three golden rules: pack lesser things, take lightweight versions of items and have economic, efficient baggage.

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