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How Social Media Changed the Way We Travel

How Social Media Changed the Way We Travel - Thumbs Up! We "Like" This Place!Social media has become one of the most valuable tools for travel planning in the last five years. From breathtaking inspirational vistas on Pinterest and top deals for travel on Twitter, people love the experience of social media as a personal referral tool.

Personal Experience Means A Personal Holiday

Social media has changed the way we plan, prepare and personalise our holidays. Travel companies are stepping up to the plate with inventive and innovative ways of capturing specific segments of the travel market and interacting with potential customers. Holiday tips from family and friends remain popular uses of social media for travel advice, but there are some new social media apps that allow for more detail and in-depth personal recommendations. Tripbirds is a handy app that aggregates information from your Facebook, Instagram and Foursquare networks to provide answers to your destination questions. The modern travel experience is being personalized by networks like www.9flats.com which is a social network in its own right as well as being a more personal way to find travel accommodation and destination information.

The Humble Hash Tag – Travel Tweets

Twitter has become a maelstrom of information about travel destinations, travel plans and even travel companies. The integration of photo sharing makes this one of the most searched networks when it comes to people looking for personal recommendations for holidays. Photographs that travellers have taken on their holiday give an accurate depiction of a destination or venue rather than relying on marketing material. Social networks like www.9flats.com show photographs taken by the owner and guests can contact the owner of the property and enjoy a home away from home holiday experience.

Social media is also changing the way that travel companies interact with clients. Social media is instantaneous, it’s real time and travel companies have had to improve the services and change the way they do business to ensure that they retain and attract new clients.

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