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Sticking to Budget as a Business Traveler

Sticking to Budget as a Business TravelerThese days it is perhaps more important than ever to stick to a budget when travelling on business. Modern technology has introduced new means of communicating, like webinars and video conferencing. Most businesses, however, still value face-to-face meetings, whether with colleagues or clients, and a personal visit can make the difference when closing the deal, or making sure an existing customer is happy. Fuel costs, hotel accommodation and airline tickets are expensive, so keeping business travel costs down is always difficult, but there are certain areas where the canny business traveler can still find good value.

Planning ahead

If you’re travelling by car, check with colleagues to see if someone else is due a visit to the same city. It may be possible to coordinate diaries and traveling together will halve fuel costs and potentially hotel costs too if you decide to room together. Last minute deals are not often suitable for business travelers, as you usually need to plan ahead. Flight costs tend to rise steeply nearer departure, so booking air travel a long time in advance can save a lot of money. Check out the budget airlines and learn when fares are released for your usual destinations as these will be cheapest. Remember to check for advance train tickets – even on your way to the station, and be aware that two singles are often cheaper than a return.

Slash accommodation costs

It can be difficult to find suitable hotels at a good price, but websites such as 9flats.com allow you to book private rooms, studios and apartments at a great saving on equivalent hotel rates. If you’re travelling as a group, or meeting colleagues at your destination, renting an apartment can be much cheaper than booking multiple hotel rooms. You’re also less likely to eat in expensive hotel restaurants. When you book with 9flats.com, you’re automatically insured against damages and if you’re really switched on, you could rent out your own place through them while you’re travelling.

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