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Touring New York by Bike

Touring New York by BikeFor those who have never been to New York, it may be surprising to learn that city and region is perfect for touring around via bike. From the hustle and bustle of Manhattan city life, to the vast greenery and beach laden landscape of the Hamptons and Long Island, cycling around New York is a fantastic way to take in the scenery, culture, landscape and diverse areas that New York has to offer. Biking is a pretty popular activity all over the state, and particularly in the hot summer months.


Exploring Manhattan by bike can be a great way to get around. If the subway isn’t for you, or you want to enjoy the journey between destinations, then consider biking. There are bike lanes all over the streets, and traffic is well adapted to the presence of bikers and cyclists alike. It may seem like a scary prospect to begin with, but traffic moves quite slowly in Manhattan and there are traffic lights at every block, making it much safer than other places. Central Park is another fantastic biking trail to take for tourists. It boasts hills and valleys, cycling tracks and an array of biking-related activities suitable for all ages and ability levels.

The Hamptons and Long Island

Venturing out towards Long Island and the Hamptons by bike, means that you will get to take in the gorgeous scenery that the state has on offer. Once you get outside the city, the wealth of beaches and stunning landscape will be a surprising treat. New York by bike means that you can enjoy the diversities of each place much easier than other modes of travel. East Hampton, South Hampton, Bridge Hampton and Montauk are all must-see destinations be bike. Each area is home to several amazing beaches and bike-friendly roads, as well as small town charm, so making a trip to each is well worth it as they are not too far apart.

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