Traveling Through Namibia can be Exhausting

Traveling Through Namibia can be ExhaustingHave you been bitten by the travel bug? Then how about visiting Namibia and get carried away by the beauty and vast landscape of this magnificent country? As you travel through this country having an amazingly low population, you will be blown away by the changing landscape, from ancient valleys, rolling dunes and magnificent mountains. Vast parts of Namibia is rough and arid with contrasting landscapes but it is also inviting as it offers spectacular views of sand dunes and grandiose scenes of nature. You may find it exhausting to traverse through the never ending tracts of changing scenery that is thinly populated. But it can also be a welcome change from the hustle and bustle of life and at the end of it all you may find it a pleasurable and rewarding experience.


Mountain Biking in Namibia

If you are in a mood for a biking holiday then you can travel along the Fish river Canyon and bike through the Naukluft Mountains and experience the impressive scenes of Buellsport George that has walls rising up to 2100 ft. You may be wondering whether mountain biking in Namibia would be suitable option to exercise in this hot and sandy desert country. But experienced mountain bikers feel it is indeed an enjoyable and pleasant experience. Just choose a suitable time of the day and firm surfaces and you are sure to experience great adventures through this country with an abundance of natural beauty. So cover all the great spots that include Sossusvlei, Swakopmund , Kaokoland, Etosha National Park, Damaraland and the capital city, Windhoek. Mountain biking in Namibia is a great way of exploring the area without depending on the usual bus travel.


Experience the Wilderness in Namibia

You can enjoy sunshine throughout the year in the wonderful country of Namibia. If you have fun watching animals and wildlife, you’ll not be disappointed. You can easily spot elephants, lions and the large population of rhinos that are known to be found in this part of the African continent. You can find interesting game in, Etosha, a huge national park, in fact the second largest park in Africa. The wildlife viewing as part of the safari can be as interesting and fulfilling as the journey on your mountain bike in Namibia.

Picture: cdca beckoetter – Fotolia