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Travelling in the Age of the Internet

Travelling in the Age of the InternetIsn’t it awful when you board a plane not knowing what awaits you when you reach your destination? What’s worse is when you arrive at your accommodation and discover that it doesn’t even come close to the pictures in the brochure. These days, this happens less and less as people turn to the internet to help them book the perfect vacation.

Planning and Preparation

Whether it be finding the best flight or looking for a wonderful getaway, with the amount of listings on the web not only do one’s choices increase but also the savings. Deals abound by the airlines and often one can even make money by renting holiday accommodation online. Tailoring your vacation to your own particular tastes is no problem. A big resort or a quaint bed and breakfast, in the big city or off the beaten track, there are many travel sites and blogs to help you plan. And if you’re not certain of your choice – the pictures look a little dodgy, the price is just too good to be true – you can always search to see what other people have said about a particular place, fellow travellers frequently posting their comments and their photos, as well as, sharing their experiences online.

Bon Voyage

In the age of the internet, even once you have everything booked, being online has its advantages. If you forget or accidently lose your e-ticket, you can always retrieve it from your e-mail or travel site account. Maps and directions are only a touch of the screen away. Information and local insight about restaurants, culture, and the best tourist attractions can be downloaded to your tablet or smartphone making knowledgeable travel quick and easy. And if you’ve decided to do an apartment exchange to make money by renting holiday accommodation online, you can always Skype or whip off an e-mail asking about the pub around the corner or checking to see how your fellow travellers are getting along with the neighbour’s dog. With the convenience of the web, a perfect vacation that’s personal and problem-free is just a click away.

Picture: D.aniel – Fotolia