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Travelling in Mumbai

Once known as Bombay City, Mumbai is a melting pot of busy streets, colourful markets and historic interest. Mumbai is a true oyster and many hours can be spent immersed in its diverse culture and busy economic passion.

Shree Siddhivinayak Temple

This notable Ganesh temple is one of the most popular of its kind. Located in Prahabdevi, in the city centre, this temple is usually busy, but prayers are nonetheless devoutly offered by the many who visit it. The temple can be crowded during tourist season, so make a point to visit it early in the morning.

Elephanta Island

When travelling in Mumbai, Elephanta Island’s rock caves are worth the required trip across water to see them in their majestic beauty. The maze of cave temples carved from the massive rocks in the area dot the harbour and are a spectacular and imposing sight. Dedicated to Shiva, the principal temple is a labyrinth well worth exploring.

Sanjay Ghandi National Park

One hundred and four square metres of protected jungle is a precious find just 90 minutes from Mumbai city. Leopards, birds, butterflies and jungle flora abound in this secret treasure. The 20 minute lion and tiger safari is the park’s main attraction and is conducted by vehicle through the big cat enclosures. Birdlife is plentiful in October to April while butterflies make an appearance in August to November. The Kanheri Caves were once used by monks as temples.

Mount Mary Church

This Roman Catholic Church is home to the world famous Bandra Fair which is held here each year in September. Set atop a hill, the church is used by locals and tourists to pray and worship. Mumbai does become crowded during tourist season and this church is often a wonderful respite from the noise and bustle of fast-moving cityscapes.

Bandra-Worli Sea Link Bridge

This impressive bridge is considered an impressive engineering achievement. Opened in 2009 the bridge links south Mumbai to the suburbs of Mumbai. With the Arabian Sea stretching out to left and right, this bridge is an architectural spectacle.

Picture: Nickolay Stanev